Nowadays, technology makes the world go ’round. Convenient, dependable, and easy to use – it permeates every aspect of our lives – payments included. Cash is no longer king with the rise of the digital payment revolution. Check out this knowledgeable guide explaining digital payments, virtual processing, and the advantages of boarding an online payment system.

What are Digital Payments?

Simply put, digital payments are any financial transaction where cash or a physical check isn’t exchanged. Both the merchant and customer agree to accept a virtual payment for the purchases of goods or services. Digital payments can happen via a variety of methods. Most commonly, a credit or debit card is swiped at a physical terminal or enter online via an e-commerce site’s online shopping cart. Some pop-up businesses also flaunt mobile payment systems.

How Do Digital Payments Work?

Whether low-risk or high-risk, all successful digital payments involve two parties – the merchant and the customer. To process a digital payment, a business must have a merchant account. A merchant’s account credentials plug into a virtual terminal or online payment gateway. It’s from this gateway that all the magic happens. Whether swiped or manually keyed, a customer’s authorized digital payment is processed through the terminal to the card issuer, where a payment confirmation is received if sufficient funds are available. From there, transactions are batched out daily and processed for the ultimate deposit into the merchant’s bank account.

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Benefits of a Digital Payment System


Solely accepting cash or paper checks, means more work for you as a business owner. You must physically deposit checks or cash into your bank account, so funds are available to pay bills, approve payroll, or acquire essential company assets. You must also have a physical presence for customers to purchase goods or services. With digital payment acceptance, you can streamline your business processes and spend more time growing your business opportunities.

Ease of Use

Online processing systems allow merchants to offer different payment types.  Accept all the major card brands – Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express – electronic checks or ACH payments, and even HSA/FSA payments. You can also choose to accept debit card payments solely. The choice of what payment types to take can be discussed with your payment processor. Be sure to work with a dependable and comprehensive provider to build the best payment solution for your business.


Digital payments offer secure environments where data theft is scarce. The adoption of PCI Compliance is critical for the protection of your customer’s payment data. Your merchant provider should also offer you standard fraud tools such as AVS response, BIN blocker, duplicate detection, or zip code verifier, to name a few.

Customer Management

This is a significant benefit for merchants. With a digital payment system, you can easily observe customer purchasing trends and manage their customer profile easily. You can also instantly submit a refund request should there be a dispute. This keeps chargebacks low, and the client experience high.

Ready to Experience a Better Way?

If you’re ready to board a digital payment processing system, your first step is to choose a reliable merchant provider. For a decade, Payment Savvy has created secure, innovative, and reliable all-in-dome payment solutions for our clients. We work within several industries, no matter the size of your business. Reach out to us today to start experiencing a better and more profitable payment acceptance program.