Integrated Voice Response



Have you ever made a payment by phone without ever talking to an actual person at the other end of the line?  If so, you have used an interactive voice response payment system, or IVR for short. This innovative technology is the perfect solution for organizations concerned about their customer base making timely & regular payments.

Not everyone lives in a 9 to 5 world. Some individuals need to be able to make payments after hours or not wait on hold for a live agent to come on the line.  Utilizing an IVR system will help your customers make payments when they want and how they want – all while enhancing their customer experience. At Payment Savvy, we will design a custom integrated voice response system using our proprietary software and help your business meet your revenue goals quickly and efficiently.

The Savvy Solution


Payment Savvy’s IVR system incorporates a technology allowing computers to interact with your customers using cell phones and traditional landlines. Voice response enables a user to respond to questions and prompts the system to act by using a series of pre-defined messages. There are many advantages to incorporating this progressive technology into your payment system platform.

  • 24/7/365 payment acceptance
  • Accept all payment types on one convenient platform
  • Time and cost savings
  • Increased customer satisfaction

The convenience of Payment Savvy’s IVR system means you can let customers efficiently manage their accounts and pay bills without any difficulty. By automating your payment methods, your business will have more time to focus on growth and critical tasks.


At Payment Savvy, we can develop a branded IVR for your company so that there is no confusion for your customers. A custom system helps increase brand awareness and also thwarts any security concerns your customers may have. Call responses and tone can be dialed in to ensure a scheme that reflects your business.

The customization we can offer your company with a company branded IVR system also allows us to input call steps and flows that best fit your organizational structure. We take time to understand your business model and customer base to create a tailored solution utilizing call-transfer logic before ever having to reach a live agent.




  • Minimize Security Risk – Our solution is NACHA and PCI compliant to protect your customer’s payment information. Also, all calls record your customer’s voice payment authorization so you can be certain transactions were intentional.
  • Reduce Training Headaches – Ensuring employees are properly educated and aware of all the regulations surrounding payment acceptance can be burdensome. Our system eliminates the need for continual training on uncomplicated tasks.

Your Payment Partner

Payment Savvy’s integrated voice response system is the perfect solution for your business. Our platform is affordable, scalable, and convenient. As always, our system fully integrates into our payment gateway for seamless and smooth payment flows. Looking for a groundbreaking payment solution to take your business to the next level of success? Contact us today to get started on creating a custom payment solution for current organizational needs and future goals.

Our Savvy Squad will guide you through the IVR setup process every step of the way – from initial concept to implementation, and beyond. We are dedicated to taking care of your payment acceptance needs. Reaching us is easy – simply fill out our online form or call 866.303.2558 – our knowledgeable team members will answer all your questions and ensure your business is set up to succeed. We looking forward to being your payment partner!