Auto Finance Payment Processing Solutions

Auto Finance Payment Processing Solutions


      Finding the right auto finance payment processing solution is challenging, but with Payment Savvy, it becomes possible. We tailor-make our solutions for the individual needs of every automobile business.

      Template-made solutions are often limiting and lack functions you need to scale and tend to a higher volume of customers. Payment Savvy has a different approach. Here is what you get for partnering with us:

      Tailored Auto Finance Payment Processing

      As your business grows, the last thing you want is a payment solution that falls short of your needs. Look no further than Payment Savvy because we have a solution that helped countless companies set their finances straight!

      Our tailored auto finance payment solutions are designed to process a high volume of payments while you can focus on other aspects of your work.

      While others struggle to recover from missing and late payments, Payment Savvy empowers automobile businesses by accepting online, over-the-phone, via text, and in-person payments.

      Timely Payments

      Since 2010, Payment Savvy has mastered the art of offering the most convenient payment options for both parties involved. Our advanced auto finance payment processing ensures your business remains profitable while providing your customers with the flexibility to choose their preferred payment methods.

      With a hassle-free setup for future-dated and recurring payments plans, your customers can easily pay on time using state-of-the-art payment acceptance methods for credit and debit cards, as well as ACH payment solutions, including:

      Accepting a wide array of payment vehicles means your automotive dealership receives timely and speedy funds, no matter the borrower’s payment preference.

      Streamlined Auto Finance Payments

      Payment Savvy helps companies stay ahead of the competition with faster processing and reduced funding times. By integrating our auto finance payment processing into your workflow, you benefit from fewer entries and a lower risk of human errors.

      Our solutions are tailor-made to seamlessly merge with your current operating system, eliminating the need to erase data or pause payments. Access everything you need via one all-inclusive software.

      Expert Support

      We get you up and running fast. With our knowledgeable team at your service, the application process is straightforward. We will listen to your needs and ensure you are receiving the perfect payment solution. In some cases, you can even expect same-day approval and setup.

      Why Choose Payment Savvy?

      Payment Savvy is a leader in customized auto finance payment processing that offers a suite of services with next-level solutions. With over 10 years of experience, we’ve helped countless auto financing companies reach their goal and streamline processes that used to slow them down.

      Our services range from opening a new merchant account to a wholly robust and integrated payment system. We tailor the processing solution to match your requirements and integrate convenient options for your borrowers to pay their auto finance obligation on time – every time.

      Your Payment Partner

      For over a decade, Payment Savvy’s extensive experience with auto finance payments gives your business a critical advantage – we understand the unique challenges faced and create solutions to solve them.  We will streamline and optimize your payment acceptance by giving your customer the ability to pay anytime, anywhere – 24/7/365.  The time to get started is today. Your dealership no longer needs to lose revenue because you do not accept credit and debit card payments. Our main goal is to get you up and running quickly and efficiently.

      We work hard to provide auto finance companies with the best overall payment processing solutions available in the marketplace. Payment Savvy values your business, and we look forward to building a long-lasting and profitable partnership with you. Please contact us today for an initial consultation. We are here to answer every one of your questions.

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      Chad Deatherage

      Chad Deatherage

      Chad is a serial entrepreneur and founded Payment Savvy in 2011 armed with the goal of providing high-risk establishments with a pioneering and tailored payment processing solution that allows them to flourish. Having decades of knowledge in the financial services and debt recovery industries, he ensures every client receives the same level of expertise, resourcefulness, and strategic vision no matter the size of the organization. Always willing to push the envelope, Chad’s forward-thinking and leadership skills are responsible for Payment Savvy being on the map as an industry-leading payment processor.