Collection Agencies


At Payment Savvy, we provide the perfect payment solution for collection agencies. We understand the relevant role your company has within the business community. There is always a need to collect on unpaid bills within every industry. To achieve ultimate success, it is imperative your business utilizes first-rate payment processing solutions to increase your collected upon accounts receivables. We are here to create an an innovative and custom payment acceptance program for your collection agency.



Payment Savvy’s extensive and innovative services are designed with the collection agency’s needs and goals in mind. We offer a flexible payment acceptance solution that is powerful and user-friendly. Our all-encompassing solutions fully and seamlessly integrate with your agency’s software.

We will provide your collection agency with a custom payment processing program that is expertly tailored to your company’s current needs and future goals. A sampling of our offerings includes:

  • Convenience Fee Processing
  • Credit and Debit Card Acceptance
  • ACH Payments
  • Online Payment Gateway
  • Recurring Billing
  • Web Payments
  • Integrated Voice Response
  • Pay by Text

We have partnered with numerous collection agencies across the country and all enthusiastically agree our platform is accessible and unprecedented. Isn’t it time your collection agency start increasing productivity and experience a steady cash flow? Our knowledgeable Payment Savvy team members are ready to work hand-in-hand with you to create a payment processing solution that is proven and compliant.



Payment Savvy understands you have a wealth of options to choose from when it comes to your payment program. Our combined 30 years of experience in providing custom, innovative and secure merchant service solutions for collection agencies ensures not only that you are in capable hands, but that you always have a partner by your side. We set ourselves apart from the competition on a continual basis by offering next-generation payment technology backed by knowledgeable support and reliable security. Let us help your collection agency realize unsurpassed results at the lowest possible cost.


Your customers will have access to make a payment when they want, how they want. End of story.


All of our payment products surpass data security measures enacted by regulators across the country. All sensitive financial information is encrypted and sent along a secure payment channel to make theft more difficult.


Whether submitting payment via credit card, debit card, or ACH – your customers’ preferred payment method will always be accepted.


All payments are processed in real time. Account statuses are always up-to-date and our advanced reporting tools reflect current information.


We will fully integrate with your software on hand to provide a continuous experience from start to finish. Our user-friendly payment solution will increase customer satisfaction and optimize staff efficiencies.

At Payment Savvy, we believe in a simple and straightforward approach to payment processing.  We know exactly how important it is to make life easier for everyone involved in the payment cycle – your customers need convenient payment options, and your staff needs systems that are effortless to operate. The combination of the two equals a payment processing solution that saves you time, money and ultimately brings you more consistent cash flow.



Our collection agency clients are with us for the long-haul. They appreciate our philosophy of treating every company we work with as partners, never commodities. Payment Savvy will provide the following benefits to your collection agency:

  • Simplified Payment Process
  • Streamlined Billing
  • Improved Cash Flow
  • Reduced Costs
  • Optimized Staff Efficiencies
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction

Stop the frustration felt with lack of reporting options, complicated systems and funds slow to reach your agency’s bank account. Our expert management team created a payment processing solution that exactly meets the needs of collection agencies, no matter the size. We provide advanced reporting, immediate payment acceptance, and fast funding of monies to your bank account. All while offering an innovative merchant service platform with competitive rates and dedicated support.



From creating a solution precisely suited to your collection agency’s business model to seamless integration with your software, Payment Savvy will work towards optimizing all of your payment processes. With our Savvy suite of products and services, we’ll have your company processing on our state-of-the-art gateway quickly and easily.

In an increasingly online world, people are rapidly moving towards paying bills via the convenience of the web. Collection agencies, no matter the size, are a significant industry that can benefit from a user-friendly, fully-integrated system that allows customers to pay quickly and securely via an online payment portal. With our web-based payment system, we offer real-time processing. Straightforward and accessible, our proprietary payment platform seamlessly assimilates with your collection software. Accept credit cards, debit cards, and ACH payments without frustration and keep your customer base satisfied.

At Payment Savvy, we know how trying  it can be to maintain timely payments coming through the door. Keep your revenue stream flowing by utilizing our advanced recurring billing payment platform. Offering our secure, state-of-the-art, and automatic recurring billing payment option to your payment system bolsters customer satisfaction while your business receives instant and continual payments month after month.  With Payment Savvy at the helm, we will help you start taking control of your payment acceptance.



Payment Savvy offers more than just comprehensive payment processing services and solutions to collection agencies – we are their trusted business advisor. Our company will ensure success and walk you through every step of the payment cycle. We pride ourselves on building long lasting business relationships that greatly benefit our clients.  Why are you waiting? Reach out to us today to start experiencing a better payment solution.

Experience payment innovation at its’ finest:

  • All-in-Done Business Solutions – From 24/7/365 payment processing to real-time reporting, our services will fill all the gaps in your current accounts receivables procedures and help your collection agency reach your financial goals faster.
  • Accessible Systems – Training is expensive and time-consuming. Our user-friendly systems will have your agents up and running capably within hours of implementation. With convenient features and reporting available on-the-go, your team can quickly and efficiently check on accounts.
  • Security – Our payment processing is PCI Compliant. Tokenization and encryption are standard with every merchant account. You are always in secure hands with Payment Savvy.
  • Company Branded Receipts and Invoices– Whether printing or emailing a payment correspondence, your clients will receive messaging that reflects your firm’s look and feel.
  • Improved Cash Flow – With multiple payment options and bill presentment methods, your customers will be able to view and pay past due accounts receivables quickly and easily.
  • Time is money – With an automated billing and payment process, your agents can reallocate their time to more important resources.



Let Payment Savvy help your collection agency start taking control of its’ payment acceptance. Whether just exploring options or searching for a specific tool to add to your payment arsenal, our expert team members are always available to discuss a custom solution for your agency. We aim for you to receive more timely payments in a secure, efficient and seamless manner.

Overcome barriers standing in front of your business’ success – Payment Savvy is an industry-leading payment processor that fosters innovation and transparency in all we do. Trust that when partnering with Payment Savvy, you will always receive a leading merchant solution tailor-made for your collection agency. Our knowledgeable payment specialists are waiting to hear from you – reach out to us today, 866.303.2558.