How To Become an ISO Partner?

Mobile payment with wallet app and wireless nfc technology

An ISO can help companies elevate the customer experience they’re providing by offering stellar payment processing services. A good ISO offers extensive support to its clients, both in regard to technical solutions and day-to-day merchant services. Many businesses, ranging in size and industries they’re operating in, benefit significantly from ISOs partnerships. But not every company…

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What Is an FSA?

A flexible spending arrangement or flexible spending account (FSA) is a tax-advantaged account provided by an employer to an employee to allow for covering eligible healthcare expenses or dependent care costs. It’s an employer-sponsored account, and in this regard varies from a health savings account (HSA). Depending on the extent of your medical or dependent…

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What Is an FSA Card, and How To Use It?

If you have or are about to receive access to your Flexible Spending Account, you may need some basic information regarding FSA debit cards and how to use them. This will help you understand the benefits and limitations of FSA funds and how you can manage them in your day-to-day life. In this article, we…

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ACH Transfer Limit – Everything You Need To Know

Money transfer

Key Takeaways ACH Transfers: These are electronic money transfers between or within banks. They are frequently used for various transactions including B2B payments, loans, direct debits, and more. ACH Transfer Limits and Fees: Banks set their own transfer limits and transaction fees, which can vary by bank and account type. Importance of Transfer Limits: High-volume…

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ACH vs. Wire Transfer

Consumers and companies have a vast choice of options to transfer money these days through traditional or more modern internet-based banking. Two of the more common methods are known as ACH or wire transfers. But what exactly is the difference, and how do they work? This is actually a question we hear pretty much daily.…

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Payment Processor vs Payment Gateway: Purpose and Differences

Payment Processor vs Payment Gateway

Adding a page for customers to input card details isn’t enough to secure their personal information. It is the merchant’s responsibility to provide customers with safe and secure online payment options. This means integrating a program is inevitable. To know whether you have the right payment processor, follow the PCI Security Standards. You can either…

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