What documentation do I need to set-up a merchant account with Payment Savvy?

Depending on the Savvy Solution that best fits your business needs, documentation may differ due to specific underwriting requirements. In general, be ready to provide:

  • Valid Photo ID for ALL Signers’ on Merchant Application
  • 3 Months Most Recent Processing Statements (For Companies with Prior Processing History)
  • 3 Months Most Recent Business Bank Statements
  • Most Recent Tax Return OR Completed Business Financials
  • Proof of EIN Information (IRS Form SS-4)
  • Article of Organization
  • Voided Business Check

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How does the credit card processing cycle work?

The payment processing cycle can be frustrating to understand. We’ll break it down into two easy steps for you:

  1. Authorization
    • Once a cardholder provides payment details for an amount owed towards goods and services, the merchant requests payment authorization through their secure payment gateway. For eCommerce merchants, this is done directly via their online payment form or shopping cart. At that point, their merchant processor transmits the payment request to the cardholder's issuing bank where either an approval or decline is received. The response then goes back down the communication ladder from issuing bank to merchant processor to payment gateway and finally, the merchant. This entire process happens in a matter of seconds!
  2. Funding
    • At the end of a business day, a batch file containing all approved charges is sent to the payment processor. This most often occurs automatically at a specific time the merchant specifies, but also can be done manually if needed. Once a batch is sent for processing, all respective issuing banks ensure the requested payment amounts are either withdrawn from a checking account (debit card processing) or charged against a cardholder's line of credit (credit card processing). The total batch amount then settles, and funds due to the merchant are deposited into their business checking account.

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Whom do I contact for Customer Support?

Whether needing a password reset, help voiding a payment, advice on handling chargebacks or questions on your monthly processing statement - we are here to help 24/7/365! Should you have any concerns regarding your merchant account with Payment Savvy, you can reach us by email at [email protected] or call 866.303.2558. One of our knowledgeable Savvy Squad members will be in touch to resolve your concern ASAP.

My business is looking to accept both credit and debit cards as well as ACH payments. Can I process both payment types through one online payment gateway?

Absolutely!! No matter the payment type, all transactions can funnel through a single payment gateway.

I’ve been looking everywhere for a merchant service provider specializing in high-risk payment processing – how is Payment Savvy able to work with my business?

With over 30 years in the high-risk payment industry, our experience is second to none! We work hard to sustain and build prosperous relationships with acquiring banks across the country that are comfortable with boarding high-risk merchants such as yourself. By thoroughly vetting each bank we partner with, we guarantee your business receives a first-rate merchant account. Coupled with Payment Savvy’s suite of payment solutions, we provide a seamless and top-tier user experience.

By maintaining numerous banking partnerships, we also ensure you are never without bank that will board your business type for payment processing. Should anything ever happen with your current account, Payment Savvy can move your merchant services to another partner seamlessly and without hassle – fast.

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Does Payment Savvy require its’ merchants to sign an agreement locking them into your service?

At Payment Savvy, we provide a merchant solution unrivaled in the industry. We truly value each client that chooses to do business with us and work hard to ensure your trust and success is secured for the long-term.

If however, you decide to switch payment processors rest assured you are never bound to a contract or subject to a cancellation fee. That's how confident we are that you'll remain with us for the long haul.

Will Payment Savvy integrate with the software system my business currently utilizes?

Our open API proprietary payment platform can fully and seamlessly integrate with your current software. We’ll plug your payment gateway credentials into the back end of your software and have you accepting payments within a matter of minutes!

How does Payment Savvy protect my customer’s financial data?

Payment Savvy’s adherence to data security standards is unmatched in the payment processing industry. Our awareness of imperative regulations ensures both your business and your customers' financial information is in capable hands.  

Level 1 PCI Compliant

Our PCI Compliance is inline with Visa and Mastercard requirements for payment processors transmitting over 6 million credit card transactions per year.

HIPAA Compliant

Our procedures and controls are evaluated and tested against the guiding principles established by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  

NACHA Compliant

Our standards exceed the NACHA Operating Rules for the exchange of ACH Payments.

SSAE16 Compliant

Our reporting on compliance controls surpasses regulations created by the ASB of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

What types of businesses are best suited for Payment Savvy’s suite of merchant services?

Our All-in-Done Business Solutions can streamline payment processing for almost any organization. We specialize in providing higher-risk accounts with innovative and reliable merchant platforms. From online web payments to traditional card-not-present merchants, such as MOTO, we will provide your company with a custom payment acceptance solution at a discounted rate.