Recurring Billing



Keep your revenue stream flowing by utilizing Payment Savvy’s advanced recurring billing payment platform. Paying monthly bills is an annoyance many customers deal with just because there is no better option. Offering our secure, state-of-the-art, and automatic recurring billing payment option to your payment system bolsters customer satisfaction while your business receives instant and continual payments month after month.

The Savvy Solution


Whether your organization has the only handful of customers or thousands, every time a payment is missed or late – your revenue stream is affected. By implementing an automatic recurring payment processing plan with Payment Savvy, your business receives a secure and reliable means of receiving monies efficiently and affordably. No need to waste staff-hours dialing customers that have forgotten to pay their invoice or running to deposit paper checks, our software ends the cycle of frustration by automating an antiquated process.

Our recurring billing merchant account system is user-friendly for your client base. The platform routinely updates billing data and informs customers when card expiration dates are approaching. Should you choose, customers can even select to make installment payments, increasing the likelihood of being paid.


Payment Savvy’s recurring billing merchant solution is user-friendly for your client base. The platform processes payments in real-time, giving customers up-to-date account information. The payment gateway will even remind customers of upcoming open invoices or inform them when card expiration dates are approaching. Should you choose, customers can even select to make installment payments, increasing the likelihood of being paid.

Your customers will appreciate being able to manage their account information and schedule payments at their convenience – without having to wait in an endless phone queue or search for a stamp to drop a check in the mail.


Our proprietary payment platform can seamlessly integrate with your customer management system. No more having to search in several places to obtain an accurate account overview – Payment Savvy’s open API solution will create a flawless experience for your staff from start to finish.



Our Savvy suite of products and services continually keeps the payment processing industry on its’ toes. Our recurring billing platform is no exception and can be beneficial in countless industries and business settings.  

REDUCE COSTSWe can lessen or eliminate the costs associated with manual billing. Our automated system even allows for real-time reporting so you can forecast cash flows or review current payment activity.

IMPROVE SECURITY – No longer will there be a need to store your customer’s valuable payment data in-house. Our PCI compliant gateway safeguards sensitive financial information, so your business does not have to worry about potential security threats.

OPTIMIZE BILLING EFFICIENCYOur secure portal holds all information on a customer’s account; there is never any reason to input data on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. As long as the account remains open, the information is retained.

INTUITIVE REPORTINGReal-time reporting is not the only advantage of our recurring billing platform; all data within the system imports and exports securely with a click of a mouse. Need a report emailed daily? Not a problem, we will help create a custom report to meet your organizational requirements.

Your Payment Partner

Let Payment Savvy help you start taking control of your payment acceptance. Whether just exploring recurring billing options or look for an entirely new payment system, our expert team members are always available to discuss a custom solution for your business. We will help your business receive more timely payments in a secure, efficient and seamless manner.

Overcome barriers standing in front of your business’ success – Payment Savvy is an industry-leading payment processor that fosters innovation and transparency in all we do. Trust that when partnering with Payment Savvy, you will always receive a leading merchant solution tailor-made for your business. Our knowledgeable payment specialists are waiting to hear from you – reaching us is easy, simply fill out our online form or call 866.303.2558. When your business gets paid, life is perfect!