Online Payment Negotiator - An Automated Bill Negotiation Service

Web Negotiator

We are introducing user-friendly bill negotiation services operated on a platform built specifically for the debt collection industry, allowing agencies to collect payments more efficiently and conveniently.

Nowadays, more and more modern collection companies offer bill negotiation services without meeting or even calling debtors. Digital solutions are helpful for saving money (as they require fewer employees), achieving more success in their work, and making the whole payment process faster and smoother.

Everyone Benefits From an Online Bill Negotiation Service

Providing self-service payment options allows for the convenient and quick covering of unpaid monthly bills with a debit card, bank account transfer, or other methods. They can also allow for automatic subscription cancellation preventing more debts from generating.

Subscription cancellation

Debtors can quickly pay their medical bills or other dues, your customers save time on getting their money, and your collection agency can provide an efficient bill negotiation service - it is a win-win-win situation!


consumer debt as of q3 2019


want to manage bills via mobile devices


intend to pay past due obligations

Online Debt Collection

tired of your agent's calls not being answered?

Debtors are intimated to answer collection calls and have their bills negotiated. People are often ashamed of their unpaid monthly bills and feel embarrassed to discuss them even with a provider of the best bill negotiation services asking just a few questions.

It requires them to admit to some negligence, unwanted subscriptions, financial problems, or even (if they are expected to negotiate medical bills) some health issues. They have to confirm that they missed or ignored numerous payment reminders that led them to bill negotiation services.

For this reason, the best negotiation services are usually those that limit direct human contact. An average customer feels more comfortable negotiating bills online without having to talk to someone in person or even on their cell phone. They are more likely to interact with your agency this way, read the payment reminders, cover their unpaid monthly bills, and cancel unused subscriptions to save money in the future.

Bill negotiation services require a lot more work than just trying to reach the delinquents to talk about their debts and payment terms. Such a repetitive and monotonous activity can be handed over to a bill negotiation tool so that your agents can focus on other important tasks requiring human attention.

Help your agency get cash flow in the door and provide the best bill negotiation services with our Savvy Negotiator.

  • Custom and easy-to-board bill negotiation platform
  • Upload past-due accounts before your agents even touch the file
  • Compliant communication templates for medical bills, cable bills, unpaid gym memberships, or others
  • Comprehensive bill negotiation performance dashboards
  • No account numbers needed to create a profile
  • Debtor-managed online payment process from any web-enabled device
  • Scalable bill negotiation solution that builds a positive debtor-agency relationship and provides great customer experience
  • Change dates, skip payments, negotiate lower rates, invite and send settlement offers
  • Real-time extensive reporting
  • Functional environment to manage all customer payment options
  • Capability to provide connections to in-house collection software to save money
  • Help as many consumers with bill negotiation as quickly as possible in a groundbreaking manner

Introducing an innovative web payment processing solution that delivers a positive experience for both your agency and the consumers! With Payment Savvy's cost-effective automated online bill negotiation services, you can give your debtors a complete and compliant self-service payment tool!