Debit Card Processing



Payment Savvy’s debit card only processing platform works across a wide range of industries, particularly those that are not allowed to accept credit cards.

With all the benefits of our advanced online payment gateway system; it is a safe and secure payment option to offer your customers.

Debit card only processing is the process of accepting debit card payments as the only way to pay for a product or service.

It is a method that has been used in mobile commerce and POS systems for years, but it has recently gained momentum as an additional payment method. Its ability to provide immediate funds to merchants without any risks associated with credit card transactions makes it an attractive option.

The explosion of e-commerce and mobile commerce has created more demand for these types of transactions. It allows retailers to increase revenue and decrease transaction fees at the same time by reducing the need for cash on hand or credit card readers.

The Savvy Solution

Debit cards are increasingly the preferred method of payment for many individuals. Whether because of the convenience or security, our clients found that debit card only processing is often requested. In fact, many industry experts have stated debit card transactions will surpass credit card payments in the near future. If your business is still not accepting debit cards or if you need help with a custom payment acceptance solution – Payment Savvy is here to help!




  • Lower percentage of chargebacks for your business to manage.
  • Debit cards are secure and less likely than other payment methods, such as cash, to wind up going home in your employee’s pockets.
  • Experience increased revenues for your company. With debit card purchases quickly becoming the preferred method of payment, having the payment option means more people will be able to buy your products or services.
  • Reduced risk of non-sufficient funds experienced with paper or electronic checks. You will receive real-time authorization for the payment and immediately know if an alternative payment is needed.
  • Cash back option for customers – If you have a physical shop, you have the flexibility of offering your customers the ability to get cash back with the use of a PIN number.

What does processing mean on debit card?

Debit cards can be processed by customers making purchases either by phone or online. Following that the payment mechanism goes through verification and approval from a bank.

What is debit card processing?

Debit Card Process is mainly a back-end operation that allows a business owner to use debit cards as payments to their clients. Although physical transactions appear to be the same on debit cards and credit cards – the consumer presenting the card, then tapping on the card followed the necessary steps in order to finish the payment – they are different. The operation differences among debit and credit card payments stem in general from the inherent differences among themselves.