Using Venmo for Business: Everything You Need to Know

Venmo logo mobile app on screen smartphone

When looking for a new payment method for business, Venmo may not be the first option to spring to mind. After all, what does a peer-to-peer payment app have to do with business-related payments? As it turns out, everything. Although its primary customer base is teens and millennials sending each other money, splitting bills, etc.,…

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High-Risk Business with Stripe, PayPal, Square, Venmo

high-risk merchant accounts

Certain activities, or the industry you work in, may cause payment processors to characterize your merchant account as high risk. It isn’t uncommon for some businesses to process online payments and get higher-than-average returns, but your reputation and industry play an important role. Having your merchant account suspended will undoubtedly lead to revenue loss and…

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Instant ACH Transfers Online

Automated Clearing House acronym with marker

Our current era has been shaped by digitization with a fundamental impact on all sectors, including banking and finance, where it has brought unprecedented convenience, security, and efficiency. The backbone of these developments is none other than America’s Automated Clearing House (ACH) which facilitates seamless electronic transactions between banks and financial institutions within its network.…

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A Comprehensive Guide to FedNow

FedNow instant payments service

The Federal Reserve Bank is currently developing a new instant payment service called “FedNow” that will allow financial institutions to make instant payments. The FedNow Service will begin operating in July 2023 and it is the first U.S. government-created and -backed portal that will enable financial institutions to send and receive payments in real-time 24…

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Payments Automation: Everything You Need to Know

Businessman using fingerprint identification to access personal financial data

Payment automation solutions have transformed the way businesses handle their accounts payable departments. With the increasing need for cost savings, efficient payment processing, and secure financial data management, payment automation has become an essential tool for modern businesses. In this article, we will look at the benefits and features of automated payment systems, how they…

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Understanding Visa Rules

Close-up view of Visa logo

Visa is a global payment technology company that provides electronic payment solutions to financial institutions, merchants, and consumers. It is one of the most widely accepted payment methods around the world. Visa has a set of rules and regulations that govern the use of its payment network, and these rules and regulations are subject to…

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