What Are Independent Sales Organizations? (ISO)

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Choosing the most suitable payment processor for your business is crucial. Since the majority of merchant accounts are being opened by ISOs or MSPs, you may already be familiar with these acronyms. Understanding the basis on which ISOs operate and how they can be beneficial for your business can help you in deciding which payment…

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What Is an HSA Card and How To Use It?

Medical expenses are a major cause of bankruptcy in the U.S. The average American spends about $12,500 per year on health care. That’s a lot of money to pay out-of-pocket, especially when you consider that most people don’t have thousands of dollars sitting around in a savings account. What many people don’t realize is that…

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What Is an HSA?

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A health savings account, or HSA, is a tax-advantaged account that allows account holders to save for qualified medical expenses, such as dental services or vision care, that are not reimbursed by high-deductible health plans. Apart from being handy for saving on medical costs, HSA is also useful for reducing taxable income. If you’re wondering…

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What Is an EFT Payment?

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EFT payments are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people conduct their financial affairs online. But what exactly is an EFT payment? In this article, we will answer the question of what an EFT payment is, and we’ll also discuss the different types of ETF payments, the benefits of using EFT payments, and the…

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ACH vs. EFT Payments: What’s the Difference?

Online banking

Barely a couple of decades ago, there were just a few options available for transferring money from one account to another, but the rise of internet banking has given way to a bunch of different services with different names, processes, fees, and waiting times. The banking world has, thankfully, moved on quite a bit from…

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The Ultimate Guide to Small Business Credit Card Processing Services

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Using an efficient credit card processing service has become essential for any small business that wants to thrive in today’s economy. Whether you’re an online merchant, hairdresser, or own a restaurant or bookstore, providing your customers with fast credit card payments can significantly depend on your potential success. Customers have become impatient. Whether they’re paying…

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