Payment Technology Creates Healthy Patient Relationships

Healthcare Payments, Contactless Payments, Electronic Payments

We’ve all received a mailed billing statement from our healthcare provider that made us angry and confused. Ancient procedures still dominate the healthcare industry, and providers are long overdue for an upgrade. Disconnects like this put patient loyalty and satisfaction at risk for providers and hospitals. Throughout this post, we’ll discuss how adopting contactless healthcare…

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3 Payment Trends to Watch

Payment Trends

Payment trends are a powerful signal of how businesses and consumers respond to fundamental global changes in technology, demographics, policy, and the economy. Payments have become not only digitalized but global on scales we’ve never seen before. As we wrap up 2021, here are three payment trends to watch: AI FinTech is beginning to embrace…

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The Data Privacy Policy: A Website’s Best Friend

Data Privacy Policy

Companies and business owners are responsible for safeguarding the personal data of their customers. Simply put, if you collect it then you need to protect it! A data privacy policy can help clarify your responsibilities and give your customers peace of mind. What is a Data Privacy Policy? Your data privacy policy is a legal…

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3 Tips to Successful Debt Negotiation

Successful Debt Negotiation

Collection agencies often find themselves in a tough position when attempting to collect on a delinquent account. If they have no prior relationship with the debtor, it can be nearly impossible to get payment from the debtor. However, there are some things that collection agencies can do to promote repayment quickly. Here are 3 tips…

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Is Your High-Risk Square or PayPal Merchant Account Here to Stay?

High-Risk Business

There are many payment processors available today. Merchant providers help businesses keep cash flow steady with consumer-friendly payment options. PayPal and Square are both typical processors enterprises utilize. However, high-risk businesses are not necessarily welcome on the platforms. Both companies have prohibited industries they refuse to do business with. Even with these industry restrictions in…

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