Let’s face it. Even with all of the technological advances we have today, it can be hard for utility companies to collect payments in this fast paced world. In fact, for some people simply finding the time to make their monthly payments seems like an impossible task. Fortunately for utility companies, Payment Savvy offers a utility payment processing solution that can make this a problem of the past. With solutions that are easily integrated into your existing software and offer free payment processing, there are plenty of ways that companies, as well as their customers, can benefit from utility payment processing.

An Increase in Innovative Payment Methods

According to a recent survey, 97% of Americans use texting at least once a day [1]. After all, it is quick, easy, and convenient. Imagine how appreciative many of your utility customers would be if they could pay by text. There’s no reason to sit down and boot up their laptop, make a special stop at the post office for a stamp, or spend ten minutes on the phone while trying to pay their utility bill through an automated system. For utility companies, this increases the chances that payments will be made on time. It is definitely a win-win situation.

Our payment processing system also allows customers to set up a recurring electronic bill payment that essentially means they never have to worry if they remembered to make last month’s payment. It’s done for them on a schedule they have decided on.  Of course, your customers will still be able to pay using traditional methods, such as paying in person or sending a check in the mail, which means you won’t alienate customers who aren’t yet fans of technology. We are simply offering them more payment options, which many people are sure to appreciate.

Did we mention that utility payment solutions involve free payment processing?

Free Payment ProcessingFree Payment processing

Whether customers prefer to pay their utility bills using a credit/ debit card, electronic check, or something else, Payment Savvy’s Convenience Fee allows companies to accept their payment for free. As an added bonus, customers can pay 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a quick click of a button via the web or text or via the phone.

A Quick and Easy Look at Billing and Usage

Not only does our utility payment processing solution easily integrate into your existing utility software, but is designed to make it easier for your customers (and your staff) to understand their bills.  Our system tracks all past payments and allows to set up recurring billing for your clients.

Easier, Faster Payments

While customers appreciate how easy it is to pay their utility bills, as well as how quickly their payments are processed, this is a perk that also extends to the company. Instead of waiting days for checks to clear and credit card charges to be processed, everything is processed in hours. For customers, a quick processing means that there is a reduced chance of making a late payment (and getting stuck with a late charge). For utility companies, this will likely reduce how often service has to be disrupted, which will cut down on the expense of sending an employee out to cut off and later reconnect service.

Yes, customers can still continue to use their preferred method of payment; it’s just that everything will be completed more quickly and efficiently.

Security Everyone Can Trust and Count On

In 2014, 70% of organizations and businesses reported they had been the target of a successful cyber attack in the past twelve months [2]. During that same period, utility and power companies detected 527% more incidents than they had in the previous year. Scary, right?

To ensure that all customer information, as well as utility company information, is kept as secure as possible, we use the latest locked software systems. All data is stored in secure data centers that are safe from employee theft and outside data breaches. Of course, customers appreciate this because it means their personal information is safe, while utility companies don’t have to worry about the bad press associated with security breaches.

An Innovative System that is Easy to Use

We understand that both utility company employees and clients have much more to do than waste time trying to figure out how to access a system or make a payment. This is why we have worked so hard to ensure our payment process solution is as user-friendly as possible. (After all, are trying to make thing easier for both utility companies and customers.) Just because something is innovative doesn’t mean it should be complicated.

Instant Payment Reminder Notifications

How many times have you accidentally made a payment late just because the date completely slipped your mind? It has happened to everyone, including utility customers, which not only affects them but the company as well. To make it easier to for customers to keep up with when their payments are coming due (and decreasing the likelihood they will have to pay a late fee), we offer instant payment reminder notifications.

Although this does not require any extra work on the part of the utility company, they certainly benefit from this feature. After all, it increases the chances that payments will be made on time.

For utility companies, working with an expert payment processing company, such as Payment Savvy, is absolutely necessary to ensure the collection of the payment is as smooth as possible. From allowing companies to quickly and easily accept a wide array of payment methods to creating a system that is very easy and safe to use, we are committed to making the payment process as painless as possible for everyone involved.

If you are ready to get started or simply want additional information regarding how Payment Savvy’s payment processing services can be used within your company, please contact our expert staff today.