Healthcare is perhaps the most regulated industry on the planet. Hospitals, clinics, and private practices must always follow strict state and federal mandated standards. The fact that policies are constantly updated makes it even more difficult to stay in compliance. Typically speaking, new and updated regulations must be implemented shortly after announced. The importance of the task certainly does not leave any room for error.

The Problems of a Paper Based System

Principals, managers, and staff must get it right the first time. They must also repeat the process each and every time a new regulation is put into place. This creates a lot of constant stress to say the least. It is necessary to significantly reduce delays that are caused by missing or unreadable documents. The workflow process must go full speed ahead. The use of paper only slows things down even further. That is the exact reason why the healthcare industry has abandoned paper and adopted an electronic based platform.

The Use of Advanced Electronic Technology to Sign Documents

Since the beginning of time people carved their names into rocks. For thousands of years we have been signing paper documents with ink. Thanks to e-signature solutions, society can now incorporate the use of advanced electronic technology to sign documents. The need to sign paper with ink has all but been eliminated. E-signature technology has actually been available since the federal government passed the E-Sign Act in 2000.

It eHealthcare Industry Solutions, E-Signaturenables a person to express his or her agreement to the terms of a particular document by clicking or checking off a consent box located on the document. E-signature solutions do far more than help the healthcare industry stay in compliance – they reduce overall expenses and overhead. For example, purchasing and maintaining printers is costly. Ink cartridges and paper purchases add up as well. Eliminating this equipment and consumables is good for the bottom line.


E-signature Benefits – For Patients & Organizations

The principal is a basic one. When overhead decreases, the profit margin increases.  E-signature solutions greatly improve overall patient satisfaction as well. People do not enjoy signing a pile of paperwork while sitting in the waiting room. They are typically feeling ill, or are nervous about the upcoming examination results. The e-signature process eliminates the need for multiple signatures. It is fast, easy, and efficient. When patients are happier, it makes things better for everyone involved.

Say goodbye to annoying clipboards. Recently enacted laws have made e-signatures just as binding as paper documents signed by pen. E-signature solutions incorporate strict security measures strengthening the integrity of the signed documents. Last but certainly not least, e-signatures are HIPAA compliant. It guarantees that your organization is following the strict rules that are set by federal and local agencies.

E-Signature Solutions from Payment Savvy

Payment Savvy is an expert at providing the healthcare industry with e-signature software solutions that prevent digital tampering, and authenticates the identities of all parties. Please contact Payment Savvy today to review your options, obtain answers to your questions, and start the e-signature solutions process. We look forward to hearing from you and working with your company.

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