Voice Recognition: Can It Revolutionize Your Business?


    In recent years we’ve seen and heard a lot about the rise in voice recognition software. As this technology improves, it enables more people to be flexible about when and where they pay their bills.

    Rise of the Machines

    People have always dreaded the thought of talking to machines. Waiting for an interminable list of options and hoping against hope the next one will be the one you’re looking for is an experience we’ve all had at one time or another. It’s frustrating, time-consuming, and can sour your entire perception of the company involved. As a result, all businesses have a vested interest in reducing the time you spend on the phone and directing you more effectively.

    At the same time, though, there is a need for an effective automated service. It can be available outside of normal business hours, allowing people to pay their bills even when closed. In a 24/7 world, this is becoming increasingly important as more and more people do not live the traditional nine to five existence.

    Companies can also benefit from increased automation. It reduces the amount of time staff spend taking calls, cutting call center costs, and frees staff up for more profitable duties. As such, a voice recognition platform can keep your customers happy, your staff happy, and improve your overall cash flow performance. The difficulty has been getting it to work.

    Integrated Voice Recognition Software

    Therefore, the solution is to offer the convenience of speaking to a person while on an automated system. The answer, we believe, comes in integrated voice recognition technology.Integrated-Voice-Response

    Early systems were far from perfect, and customers were easily misdirected or confused. All that is now changing. The most advanced systems, such Payment Savvy’s, are increasingly accurate, intelligent, and capable of distinguishing between different accents. We can also customize the system to operate in many different languages, opening your services up to customers from around the world.

    The technology underpinning this whole system is rock solid. It means you can have confidence in making payments through our secure system and that these will be processed quickly and efficiently. It includes a link-up with your CRM, allowing you to view these payment solutions in real-time and assess how they help your business perform.

    The benefits are there for all to see. Those of our customers who have used this system have seen time savings, productivity increases, and a widening of their customer bases. This has always been a key goal for all companies – the difference is the available technology is now reaching a stage where this is increasingly achievable.

    As our resident “numbers guy”, Tracy is responsible for Payment Savvy’s financial planning, analysis and projections. With 20 years of accounting experience under his belt with various CPA and high technology firms, we look to him to ensure our fiscal future stays in the black. He is a highly regarded member of our team and we appreciate his hands-on approach and diligent attention to detail.  With Tracy we are able to apply innovative, practical and outcome driven financial strategies to take Payment Savvy to the next level.


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