DoeMail Vendor, Letter Vendor, Collection Agency Success s your collection agency need to add a reputable mail vendor to your line up of business services? It’s a significant question to ask yourself within the ARM space no matter the type of debt collecting on – medical, retail, legal, commercial…the list goes on and on. Outsourcing this important aspect of your unique business model ensures your agency is compliant and takes away the headaches of printing and mailing. The cost savings of the in-house labor hours spent on this essential function should make taking the plunge an easy decision!

While there are many choices within the space, it’s always best to weigh your options thoroughly before selecting your next business partner. After all, what’s the use of going through the motions if the end result doesn’t meet your agency’s needs and goals? I’m not sure about you – but for me, there is never enough time in the day, and I can’t afford an exercise in futility. Hopefully, the below couple questions will help guide you through the process of selecting a mail vendor and you’ll be on your way to agency optimization in no time!

How Many Locations Does the Mail Vendor Maintain?

At first glance, the above question seems inconsequential, but not knowing the answer could send ripples throughout your organization. And I’m not talking about the good type of ripples where you’re spreading wealth further around your company or savings are noticeable in every department.  I’m talking about the types of ripples that interrupt business flow. No bueno.

Why is this a key question to ask? The answer comes in part from knowing where your debtors are located. Is your agency only collecting in a small group of states or are you a coast-to-coast powerhouse? Once you have the stats in front of you, it’s easy to see why the question is a critical one. Many mail vendors establish several warehouses across the country from which they mail. Others only offer a single location.

How quickly you are able to get a letter in front of your debtor is vital. Selecting a mail vendor that can reach your debtor base fast and efficiently vs one that is limited in its’ mobility, could mean missing an opportunity to receive payment faster.

Is the Mail Vendor Fully Integrated with your Collection Software?

Equally as important and for many of the same reasons, choosing a fully integrated mail vendor goes a long way to streamline your business functions. A fully integrated provider offers seamless structures on numerous fronts. A wonderful example of why this matters can be taken from the dreaded Change of Address (COA).

With a fully integrated mail vendor, any COA’s received can be easily uploaded to your software via a spreadsheet, with all affected accounts updated instantly and without human error. Without this function, you’re looking at – again – taking labor hours away from what you should be doing, what others pay you to do – collect – and repurposing them to manually accessing accounts and updating each…one by one. Just like you specialize in collecting, mail vendors specialize in mailing. They max efficiencies. No matter the size of your agency, taking a look at your options can help grow your business quickly.

We love to save our clients time and money – even outside the payment processing realm we are experts in! While this list is not all-inclusive, the below companies offer comprehensive, seamless, and innovative mail vending solutions. Check them out today!



PCI Group


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