The customer is always right, so they say, but what they don’t always add is that when the customer doesn’t get his or her own way the consequences can be severe. They will throw a tantrum and they will take their business elsewhere.

Click Through and Bounce Rates

If you’re operating online you should be keenly aware of your click-through and bounce rates. These are the numbers of people clicking on certain links and then logging off without making a purchase or moving on to another site. When this happens anywhere in your site it can be a concern but if you’re getting a high bounce rate once people have reached the cheque out areas, you really should be worried.

Payment Issues

There is many a slip between cup and lip – which means that even when they have found the product or service they like, for the right price, there are still plenty of things that can go wrong. If the payment service is complicated, slow or ineffective they will give up and go elsewhere. Likewise, if they can’t find the payment methods they want, they will quickly think of other solutions.

Accept Online Payments

Flexible Payment Options

There are more options for paying than ever before. Whether it’s credit cards, debit cards, mobile phone billing, texting or online payments; people are finding new payment processing options. The key to your success or failure as a business will be whether or not you’re in a position to accept them.

This is why we formulated our service to be as flexible as possible when it came to accepting payments. You can choose to take web payments, credit/debit cards, ACH payments, payment by text or many other of our available solutions. The more of these you have and the more flexible you are in allowing your customers to adopt their own preferred payment methods, the less business you’ll lose and the more successful you’ll be in the long run.

Simple but Effective Payment Systems

The trouble is, doing so effectively is not always straightforward. You need a system which is intuitive and simple to use. It must be fast, efficient and streamlined – the more barriers you put up between people and making their payments, the less likely they are to finalise the transaction. The result is that dreaded bounce rate as they abandon their search. The brutal truth is that no matter how good you think your product is, someone else will always have something similar somewhere else.

We use the very latest payment technologies to pull down all those critical barriers to payment. In so doing we find new ways all the time to advance the sophistication of our payment solutions both in terms of what we can provide and also its security. So, to find out how we can help you increase the range of payments you accept, why not get in touch with one of our experts?