Payment Processing for Non Profits, Credit Card Processing, At Payment Savvy, we are aware that the donation systems unique to non-profits are very different from those of traditional retailers and merchants.

Because of this, we offer customized solutions for non-profit organizations that can help organize all donation and electronic payment systems. Through our years of experience in the industry, we have developed innovative solutions that will help your non-profit organization reach the next level.

Donation processing is increasingly moving away from traditional means. We understand that the move from these traditional payments demands seamless integration. Now more then ever it is important for all non-profit organizations to partner in processing with someone that they can trust.  At Payment Savvy, we can help you navigate the needs that are special to your non-profit and get you up to date in account processing.

Our solutions include:

  • All major credit card acceptabilities
  • Accepts ACH payments
  • Process checks electronically
  • Stream-lined process that is suitable for all sizes of non-profits
  • Automated approval process
  • Proprietary support

Merchant accounts are available right now for your non-profit. Contact one of our experts today and we’ll get you started.

Online Payments for Non Profit OrganizationsOnline Payment Non-profit Merchant Accounts

Payment Savvy makes it easy for non-profit organizations to accept many different forms of payment. With our specialization in credit and debit card processing, we can help your non-profit of any size have the convenience, security, and flexibility that your donors will appreciate. Many of your donors want to be able to manage their account, donate, or set up automatic withdrawals from their accounts. At Payment Savvy, we are able to help you help them keep your organization running smoothly and seamlessly. Our non-profit solutions will help you create fully compliant web forms that will allow you to simply enter in their information. Your donor can easily then set up a donation schedule if they would like or simply print out a receipt. No more waiting for checks or waiting for the traditional mail systems to get your payments.

Credit Card Processing for Non-ProfitsCredit Card Processing that is both Flexible and Convenient

When it comes to credit card processing, Payment Savvy is the very best. A non-profit must be able to trust the system and know that the security involved is at the forefront of cybersecurity. We work with thousands of non-profits and businesses everyday and we aim to make your donor’s contribution process as quick and secure as possible. Your donors can easily set up a donation schedule and eliminate the need for you to keep asking for more donations or they can choose a one-time payment option. Our non-profit credit card processing will integrate and work seamlessly with all of your existing accounting software. It can easily be branded so that all of the receipts can be auto-generated from your non-profit organization’s email system.

Donation Payment and Credit Card Processing for 501(c)(3)The latest in donation technology

From online donations to mobile text payments, at Payment Savvy we use all of the latest in non-profit organization fundraising technologies. Our customized solution puts fraud protection as our number one priority and we utilize all the latest in risk management so that as your non-profit’s donations grow, it is easily scalable with no added security risks.

Recurring Donation Payment ProcessingEasy set up for recurring donations

Manage your cash flow and keep up to the minute on all of your consistent donors. Whether they like to give a donation every quarter or they would like to go on a monthly cycle, our software can easily send them notifications or update them on their account. All of the online donations will be viewable in real-time and will be able to be direct deposited.

Best Payment Processor for Non ProfitsWe are many Non-Profit Organization’s choice for a reason.

When you choose to work with Payment Savvy, you are choosing to go with a payment processing company that is dedicated to your success because we know that your success is our success. We are working for your best interest and aim to make everything we do transparent for you. Our financial advisors are experienced with working with non-profits of all sizes. No matter what type of non-profit and no matter how many volunteers you have, we can help set you up with a payment system that will work for you. Save time, save money and be able to utilize all of your staff’s time for more important issues than taking payments.

From setting up the payment systems to helping explain how your donors access the payment gateway from a mobile device, we are here to help you stay ahead of the curve. Talk to one of our non-profit specialists today and we can help you get started to overcome the barriers standing in between you and your success. Whether it is just help with money transactions, setting up your payment processing, or just helping you with our years of experience, our friendly representatives are here to help. Fill out our form to get started.