Collections-&-Billing Companies Processing Payment SavvyIn a perfect world, every customer would pay their bill on time, every time.

Unfortunately, a lot of factors play into whether or not individuals can make their payments on time. At Payment Savvy, we can help you set up easy to use collection and billing systems that will help notify and easily post payment for your customers.

Many companies can find it difficult to process, post, and keep their books correct when dealing with multiple clients, especially if your company deals in commercial accounts. Our Payment Advisors can help set up a plan that will work not only for you but will work for your customers as well.

Streamlining the payment process is better for everyone involved in collections credit card processing. Whether you deal in medical debt, loan debt, or another niche market, it can be difficult to obtain payment. That’s why we offer easy to use solutions that are right for clients of all sizes-from traditional mail payments, on the phone, or any of the many electronic methods.

Our Payment Advisors are here to discuss exactly what solution is right for your collection and billing company needs. No matter the size of your company or how many clients you have, we can customize a plan that is right for you.

collections credit card processing.The Collection Industry is Growing

Almost one third of small businesses have customers with unpaid invoices. With more people and companies falling behind on their payments, the collection industry is growing at a fast rate. With all of the individuals and businesses being behind on their payments, it can be difficult for a company to keep on top of collecting payments. Often times, they need help. Which is why there are so many collection agencies these days.

Credit Card Processing for Collections AgenciesIs Your Collection Process as Efficient as It Could Be?

With the industry relying more and more on collections and billing companies, that means more business for companies like yours. With more work can come more problems. If there is an issue with getting the payments processed, posted, and the collection process organized, that can mean more disorganization and less money coming in.

At Payment Savvy, we can help you get organized so that the payments can quickly be handled. By having one of our Advisors create a custom solution for your company, you can easily multiply the amount of clients that you have.

Collections Agency Credit Card ProcessingFinding the Right Processor that won’t Take Advantage

Collections credit card processing is a high risk business according to banks. Because of this classification, there are a lot of processing companies that take advantage of your high risk business. Whether they charge you more than they should, they aren’t available to answer questions, or they have a one size fits all mentality to processing, it can be hard to trust.

At Payment Savvy, we are proud of our reputation as being one of the most trusted payment processors. We value our high risk business clients and strive to provide the best business payment solution possible for them. We believe in only charging what is necessary to get the job done and to continue to provide you with the better service. We have Payment Advisors that specialize in collections and high risk payment management that are trained just for the business you are in.

Collections Payment Processing SpecialistWhat to Expect when you Apply

A good processing company has worked with high risk businesses before and knows exactly how to provide you with what you need. But before handling over all the information about the merchant account, our Advisors will look over aspects of your business so that we can offer a custom solution to your company.

Our Advisor will look over your business setup, the advertising of services, and how it effects the company’s level of risk. We want to know the level of risk as well when you are accepting credit cards or other payments methods. The more risks, the more payments.

That’s why we believe in designing a payment processing solution that will keep your ratio of charge back payments low. This way, you can keep the highest standard of processing options open for yourself.

credit card processing for collectionsSuccessful Collections with an Excellent Provider

Ultimately, the better your company processes payments the more business your agency can improve. The more convenient the payments and methods, the more debt you will be able to collect. It’s that simple. Once you have an account with a reputable provider, the true potential of your business can finally be realized. Here at Payment Savvy, we want you to succeed by utilizing our collection agency merchant account.