Why Payment Authorization is Important for Collection Agencies?


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Why Payment Authorization is Important for Collection Agencies?

Debtor Payment Authorization, Payment Authorization Form

An authorized payment is a credit card, debit card, or ACH payment received by a merchant with express authority of the card or bank account holder. Obtaining debtor payment authorization plays an essential role in the electronic payment process. If you are a high-risk merchant, such as a debt collection agency, make sure all proper…

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Selecting the Right High-Risk Merchant Provider for your Business

High Risk Merchant Provider, High-Risk Payment Solutions, High-Risk payment Processor

Accepting credit cards is a necessary form of payment for nearly every business, high-risk industries included. All companies need to partner with a merchant service provider in order to have card payments processed on their behalf. Finding effective payment solutions for the high-risk merchant can be challenging given all the processors in the arena. Want…

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NACHA Security Rules for Merchants – Is Your Business Compliant?

NACHA Security Rules, ACH Payments

The National Automated Clearinghouse Association (NACHA) issues out operating rules yearly for businesses that accept ACH payments. This body governs all aspects of ACH payments and offers regulations on how to store, access, and share client data. Knowing this, is your business compliant with NACHA security rules? You need to familiarize yourself with NACHA security…

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4 Simple Methods for an Effective Collection Agency Payment Strategy

Debt Collection Payment Strategy

Running a collection agency is tedious. Just the industry regulations alone are enough to make one bonkers. It’s important to make processes as efficient as possible where possible so you can concentrate on the important matters that make your agency successful. One area you shouldn’t be worried about day and night is an effective collection…

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