Pay-by-Text-Message, Accept Payments, and Process Payments with Payment SavvyWith Payment Savvy, your customers can easily make mobile payments safely and easily whenever they want.

Convenient and simple, our clients tell us that their customers love the flexibility of mobile payments. All your customer will need is a cell phone and they can easily get one of your friendly reminders to pay their bill.

Bills have a way of being forgotten and in this increasingly mobile world, many people just simply do not have time to remember. Paper bills stack up, email reminders wind up going to a to do list, and eventually, it just gets erased from their minds. With Payment Savvy’s Pay by Text Messaging, your customers can sign up to receive reminders by text messaging and can quickly pay when the reminder comes in.

Text Message PaymentsFast and Easy

Our clients love how much this service increases customer satisfaction. Unlike traditional payment methods, customers just text, pay, and then it’s done. No paperwork, no emails, and no calls. Pay by Text messaging is an effective way to get payments paid.

Contact one of Payment Savvy’s payment advisors and they will explain to you how much Pay by Text can revolutionize your company’s payment processing. Fill out our form or give us a call—you’ll be glad you did.

Mobile Phone Payment ProcessingMobile Payments

Mobile payments are easy for your customers to stay on top of their account status. With today’s world becoming an increasingly mobile working and playing field, more and more people are living their lives away from a place where you can access them. Traditional bills and bill payments are almost unheard of and many people are choosing to do their banking exclusively online. It is no wonder that the new form of payment that we have most businesses and clients asking for is pay by phone or mobile text payments.

The wonderful thing about taking text payments is that anywhere with a phone connection or an internet connection becomes a way that your customers can pay a bill or get a status update on their account. Let them quickly and easily text the payment with their credit or debit card when they get a text prompt or when they would like to make the payment.

One of the most beautiful aspects of your business accepting or taking text payments is that you know that you are on the cutting edge of payment processing. Unlike a lot of businesses that are behind the times, your business will impress your customers and clients with being able to keep on top of technology. Feel confident in offering a reliable payment method with unbeatable security.

Pay by Text Messaging is so simple that it only takes two steps for your customer to be able to make a payment:

  1. Your customer gives you their mobile number
  2. They simply reply to the text message that the system sends them.

That’s it! Their payment is processed within seconds using our secure system. No signups, no mess, no fuss!

SMS Text Message Payment ProcessingOur Services

The very foundation of all of Payment Savvy’s payment systems is our commitment to making our processing platforms a safe, reliable, and most important secure structure for our merchants and their customers. One of the strongest and most important features is that by using a mobile device the first step of security is in your customer’s hands.The only way to have the transaction go through is to have the customer respond to the text message that is sent to them. This fact of physical presence is a reason that so many banking systems are now using this same type of system.

SMS Payment ProcessingQuick and Secure

Pay by Text Messaging is one of the most popular ways for non-profits to receive payments by donors. With this method of payments being faster than filling out forms, easier than having to write a check, and with no software downloads, it is no wonder that more non-profits are using it.

Quick and secure, this form of payment is easily one of our most requested services.

Another feature that many clients like to utilize is using text alerts to let their customers know when a bill is due or to send late payments. Your customer can even use some of our other features to check the status of their account. This gives your customer or client a choice in the payment method that they would like to use.

At Payment Savvy, we are here to help. From setting up your payment systems to getting your customers access the payment gateway from a mobile device, we are here to help you stay ahead of the curve and ahead of your competition. Talk to one of our pay by text messaging specialists today. Whether it is just help with money transactions, setting up your payment processing, or just helping you with our years of experience, our friendly representatives are here to help. Fill out our form to get started.