Convenience-Fee-Model-(No-Cost-To-Biller) with Payment SavvyNo Cost to Biller!

Payment Savvy’s “Convenience Fee allows you to get credit card and ACH processing completely FREE. Our web-based solution is able to accept all forms of payments: Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Electronic Checks ACH, and more. Your clients, customers, and debtors are able to submit payments the way that they want to choose with  a simple click of a button.


No Cost to Biller Payment ProcessingHow does it work?

The process is quite simple. Let’s say the consumer pays $100 by credit card. The full amount of $100 is deposited into your company’s bank account after being collected. The Convenience Fee (service fee collected by Payment Savvy) deposited into our bank account is $2.99.  (fee’s differ for each individual company)


You collect 100% of the MONEY leading to your profit levels increasing!

What are the benefits of this “No Cost to Biller” Service?

  • The ability to accept payments 24/7 by Phone, Web, IVR, Mobile, or even Text
  • Visa, Master Card, Discover, ACH, and EChecks
  • Interactive Voice Response *Proprietary SMART Al Voice Recognition*
  • Instant Payment Reminder Notifications
  • Recurring Payments in Real Time


Process Credit Cards with No FeeIs this legal to take payments in all of the states in the USA?

Yes! Payment Savvy’s No Cost to the Biller takes payments as a 3rd party. When you use our secure system, the client themselves is actually using us to make a payment. We can easily offer or not offer to accept a service fee due to the 3rd party service that we are providing


Is this for real?

Which industries does Payment Savvy’s Free Payment Processing work with?*

  • Collection Agencies
  • Commercial Collection Agencies
  • Healthcare and Medical Billing Services
  • Personal Health Insurance
  • Utility and Energy Payment Processing Services
  • Banking and Auto Loans
  • Property Management Services both Commercial and Residential
  • Law Firms

*If you are a different business looking to use of Convenience Fee Model, please give us a call directly as this is not a complete list of the industries that Payment Savvy works with.


No Fee Online GatewayHow do I start accepting payments for FREE with our web solution?

Call or fill out the form. One of our payment representatives will contact you within 24 hours to discuss how we can help you.

At Payment Savvy, our clients have let us know how much they appreciate our payment processing. Eliminating the headache and the cost for their business associated with accepting payments means that they do not have to worry about whether or not a payment will go through. Whether they process a few payments a day or a few thousand, the cost to them is always the same—absolutely free!

Your customers will love having the ability to make a payment whenever they want and wherever they want so long as they have an internet connection. We can help set up a system that will accept ACH, credit card transactions, debit card transactions, or whatever payment method your customers would like to use. All payments will still be under the same secure systems and gateway that we use for all of our processing.

Our No Cost to Biller services are part of our commitment to deliver new and innovative ideas for our clients. We know that our success is dependent on your success. Our easy to use system is less intimidating then many payment processing centers. We keep all of our systems as user friendly as possible because we know that our clients have much more to focus on than just payments.

Payment Savvy aims to offer you a unique solution no matter what industry you are in. Our No Cost to Biller works for every industry, from government to healthcare to even auto processing. Whatever industry you are in, we can customize an approach so that your customers can use the Pay~N~Seconds solution and feel confident that they are using a secure system. We take pride in providing and using the latest in security technology.

Modern customers expect to be able to do so much more. From making mobile payments, to scheduling bills, to managing their accounts, or even receive notifications, most people will want your business to do more. Our experts can help you create a plan that is right for your business or office so that you can do more for less hassle. Many of our clients love our No Cost to Biller program and use it along with several other of our services. Our payment advisors are happy to create a solution that works for you.

If you would like to have custom solution that works with our No Cost to Biller program or to get started on the Pay~N~Seconds program, fill out our form to get started. One of our friendly representatives will get you set up with a payment advisor right away. Let Payment Savvy get you started. With our decades of payment experience, we can help you overcome any barriers in payment processing.