Legal Billing Practices and Keeping Clients Happy

The way a law firms conduct billing with their clients can make a big difference in not only customer satisfaction, but also the success of a firm. See how Payment Savvy can lend a hand when it comes to law firm billing & credit card processing. With the right payment processor and the proper billing etiquette a law firm is bound to be ahead of the game.

Firms tend to overlook how poor their billing processes are.

It’s a shame that so many law firms these days don’t take the nuances of billing processes seriously. If they knew how profoundly it could affect the satisfaction of their customers as well as their future prospects, they would no doubt be scrambling to revise their billing practices.

Billing for legal services is the direct link between the customer and the firm.  Handling this link badly, in a variety of ways, can absolutely affect a client’s confidence in the firm. That’s why a law firm that is able to recognize the value of quality billing practices will easily have a leg up on the competition. If done right, it is a way of establishing financial stability of growth.

Timeliness and organization come above all with billing.Billing & Credit Card Processing

Late and sloppily presented invoices are obviously not great for a firm’s reputation. Firms with good billing practices can gain standing simply by following logical invoicing tips. Probably the most important aspect of good billing practices is the timeliness. Delayed billing negatively affects the relationship between the client and the firm in a number of ways.

  • Bills that are sent late also communicate to the client that a prompt payment is not very important to the firm.
  • If bills are not sent in a timely manner, the firm is practically awarding financing that’s interest free. In other words, work is being done at a discount.
  • Law firms are less likely to receive the full payment for their services the longer they wait to send out a bill. The later the bill, the bigger the haircuts.
  • Surprising a client with a late and especially large bill will likely upset them and damage their view with the firm. This also wrecks any opportunity to work with them again in the future or with someone the potentially would have referred to the firm.
  • If the client is the type that is slow to pay, they will be even slower if they receive the bill late.
  • Clients are more likely to pay without hesitation if the invoice is on time and on budget.

Quality invoices are always sent on time and presented professionally, without lines from months before. Keeping good billing practices a priority directly influences clients’ opinions and the standing of a law firm. Payment Savvy knows that billing is not to be taken lightly, which is why they provide the best solutions for law firm billing and processing.