Property Management Payment Processing, Credit Card Processing, and rental payment processingIn an increasingly online world, many people use the internet to pay some if not all bills.

From cell phone bills to insurance, it is easy to understand how much easier our world is when we can pay everything online. Your property or leasing company could greatly benefit from an easy to use, fully integrated system where your customers could pay online.

With our web-based payment system, we offer you a fully integrated solution so that your renters can pay and get updated information in real-time. Simple and accessible, our support can effortlessly integrate with most software and accounting systems. With the options of multiple ways to pay, you can smoothly accept payments through echeck, credit cards, debit cards, or other payment methods.

At Payment Savvy, we know how frustrating property management can be when it comes to the accounting part of it. We are proud to have helped so many businesses in the exact same situation that you are in, helping them make sense of all.  Reducing the headache of organizing accounts receivable, tracking money, handling deposits, and so much more. No matter what size property or how many renters, we can help make sense of all of the data. Contact us today and get started.

Property Management Company Payment ProcessorThere are many reasons that property management companies have made the switch to Payment Savvy. They are seeing the benefits of:

  • Reduced administrative time associated with paper check processing. Save both time and money when your valuable staff’s time can be put to better use. Instead of dealing will all the hassle of making sure checks do not go bad or chasing down bank processing, they can use their time making your renter’s more at home.
  • Improves property cash flow. By offering the latest in technology, it can attract new renters. In addition, imagine all of the income from renters that are usually past due by offering them an easier way to pay such as mobile payment or just utilizing the payment gateway.
  • Streamlines the entire rental collection process. Take the annoyance out of chasing down renters or having to have staff there to collect in person. No more waiting for the mail or for a check to clear or having to have your renter’s checks get “lost in the mail.” Just click and pay.
  • Reduces risk of fraud and theft. Unlike traditional means of paying the rent, there is little risk for the payment to be stolen. In addition, with Payment Savvy’s system, your renter’s will be getting the latest in security and technology when they make their payments.

Payment Savvy knows the problems associated with property management and the collection of rent. We understand that it has many ins and outs. Because we have worked in the rental payment and property management business, we know that collecting money and making payments can be a frustrating experience. We are here to help with our decades of property management and payment management services.

A lot of property management and management companies come to us after years of dissatisfaction with other companies. They were frustrated at the lack of consistency with reporting and how difficult it was to check their account statuses. With all of the modern technology that most rental companies use nowadays, it can be shocking how many of them are still using out of date payment processing.

Our experts listened and created a system for payments that will allow landlords to access their account and know exactly where everything stands on their property from anywhere they are with an internet connection. Having payments processed online means that they do not have to deal with all of the hassle of checking in with a traditional banking system but it also means more convenience for all people involved across the board.

Some of the features of Payment Savvy’s property management system include:

Low transaction fees

We understand that certain properties can be high risk. Some processing companies will charge you more for certain types of rentals. Not at Payment Savvy. We work hard to make sure that our rates are competitive because we know it is not only about having the best service in the business but also being the easiest to approach.

Multiple payment methods for your residents

Different people like different payment methods. With our services you will be able to offer your renters the option to pay in credit card, debit card, and even eCheck.

Multiple ways your residents can pay.

From texting with their mobile device or using the internet to access our payment gateway, your residents will love the fact that they can pay the way they want with the method they want.

Great customer support

At Payment Savvy, we know we are a business built on our personal interactions. Our customer support and payment advisors are here to help you whenever you have a question about the system. We can even suggest better ways that we can support you.

Talk to one of our property management specialists today and we can help you get started to overcome the barriers standing in between you and your property’s success. Whether it is just help with money transactions, setting up your payment processing, or just helping you with our years of experience, our friendly representatives are here to help. Fill out our form to get started.