Mail-Order-and-Telephone-Order Payment ProcessingWhether you have a brick and mortar traditional business, mail order business, or another type of business that relies on traditional forms of payment, staying competitive means being able to accept a broad range of payment types.

Echecks, gift cards, alternative payment systems like PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, or any other form of checkout payment are regular options for many businesses as they try to adapt for the changing landscape of consumer pay services.

It can be difficult to find a processor familiar with the unique concerns of a MOTO business that is able to keep up with the scalability that your business demands. Whether your customers are across the street or on the other side of the world, the demand for fast and secure payment options is the same. Payment Savvy is experienced in helping MOTO businesses of all sizes and knows how to handle their unique problems.

Mail Order, Telephone, and Catalogue Payment ProcessingHow Payment Savvy Can Help

We can help with implementation, improve integration across all business channels, and optimize all of your processes to help speed up transactions while cutting your overall costs. From global to local, we can help you organize and get your payment processing in order.

Collecting credit card and other payment information when the card is not physically present is quite common nowadays. Gone are the days where a customer had to wait weeks for a check to be processed. Even though it is the most common way that a MOTO business operates, there are often still the problems of any business. Here is a list of things that you need to consider when setting up a MOTO business:

  • Start thinking about setting up your account weeks before you will need it. Even though set up usually only takes a few days, it is important that you understand all of the legalities involved before taking that first card not present (CNP) order over the phone.
  • Your Local Bank Really Isn’t Your Best Option. A local bank whose focus is something other than payment processing does not have the experience setting up a MOTO merchant account. You will save both time and money working with a company that is familiar with the ins and outs of a mail order and telephone business.
  • Make sure the rate you are getting takes into account that it is in fact a MOTO business account. Many merchants come to us with the idea of just opening a retail account without taking into consideration that you are setting up a MOTO account. The rates and the structure are a little bit different than that of a common merchant and we understand just where those differences are.

Mail order and telephone order differs from other account types. Here is an easy to follow break down of how it works:

  1. The customer calls or mails in an order. The merchant is then provided with the credit card information on the form or over the phone and they enter in the information to the credit card terminal, software, or the payment gateway system.
  2. The processing system connect’s to Payment Savvy’s system. Our processors automatically seek the authorization.
  3. Payment Savvy’s processors pass the information. We send it onto the bank that issued the credit card and it checks to see if the card is valid and if the amount requested is in the account.
  4. The issuing bank seeks approval. If the transaction is approved, an authorization code is issued. If it is declined, the system will reflect it.
  5. Information is passed back to the processing system. This gives the merchant the authorization number and the option to print it out for the records. From step 2 through step 5 it takes about 3-15 seconds on average to get the approval so the processor will be able to see right away if it has been declined.
  6. “Settle” the processing reports. At the end of day or the end of a cycle, the merchant must settle or run the transactions. This will send the information and make the electronic deposits into the merchant’s accounts. Usually it takes about 48 hours for the funds to reach the merchant accounts.

Our system allows merchants of all sizes to conduct mail order and telephone orders without the hassle or the headache. By providing your business with flexible options for payments, you will be able to increase your overall customer satisfaction. We are here to help you stay ahead of the curve and ahead of your competition. Talk to one of our MOTO payment specialists today and we can help you get started to overcome the barriers standing in between you and your business’ success. Whether it is just help with money transactions, setting up your payment processing, helping with billing options, exploring new payment methods, or just helping you with our years of experience, our friendly representatives are here to help. Fill out our form to get started.