Why you need to switch to ACH – Next Day Funding

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Business owners today have more ways to collect payments from their consumers than ever. Although credit and debit cards are incredibly popular, the processing costs can add up fast. Sure, paper checks can be an option, but they too have their problems. Between long waiting periods and the trips to the bank, paper checks can quickly turn into a nightmare. … Read More

The Comprehensive Guide To Free Payment Processing

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Free payment processing; otherwise known as convenience fee payment processing certainly is a creative way for business owners and managers to eliminate the high cost of accepting credit cards and debit cards.  In today’s fast paced world the majority of consumers and business-to business (B2B) decision makers prefer using plastic as opposed to cash when paying for products and services. … Read More

Free Utility Payment processing

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  Let’s face it. Even with all of the technological advances we have today, it can be hard for utility companies to collect payments in this fast paced world. In fact, for some people simply finding the time to make their monthly payments seems like an impossible task. Fortunately for utility companies, Payment Savvy offers a utility payment processing solution … Read More

How Convenience Fee Payment Processing Will Help Your Business Thrive

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In the current business environment it is increasingly difficult for many companies to survive let alone thrive. It simply does not matter how large or small the organization is, nobody is safe from failure these days. Even the largest companies are at risk of going under on a daily basis. Just take a look at Blockbuster Video, Borders Books, and … Read More

Paying for School Without Aquiring the Debt

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With prices soaring, parents and students alike are worried about how they are going to pay for school. It isn’t easy. From daycare to out-of-state universities, it seems like the payments never end, and every type of school is generally getting more and more expensive. How will parents and students make it through without accruing a large amount of debt … Read More

Important Facts about Property Management

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More and more wealthy homeowners are looking to property management companies to handle the variety of tasks involved in owning property. Whether renting their property out, staying there a few months out of the year, visiting intermittently or occupying the place full-time, homeowners rely on quality property management to make sure their home and its responsibilities are taken care of. … Read More